Office moving

TRALLERO INTERNATIONAL, the best solution when moving your office.

Tailored moving solutions for offices, specific requirements as partial moving services or internal removals within the company, we provide you with solutions in order to minimize disruption of your employees and downtime kept to a minimum.

Our services Include:

 • Assembling and dissembling of furniture

 • Special transportation for equipments

 • Provide Packing material and boxes in case you want to cooperate with removals

 • Barcodes all goods allowing customers for an easy access when at destination place.

 • Special service 24 hours/ 365 days for a non stop performance of your company.


If the case you are moving to an office and also looking for storage, we can provide with a secure storage as long as you need to store the furniture that will not be needed for a while.

Custody of files:

We do also offer you our service for Files Custody.

Garbage dump:

We do collect waste material and take it to a place where waste materials are dumped.

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