Relocation service

TRALLERO INTERNATIONAL is a company with nearly 100 years of experience in the removal sector. With an open mentality, we adapt to the novelties of the market. Companies have diversified settling in new cities and new countries. From now on, companies are starting to translate their personnel. We are aware of the situation, and as a removal company and with our know-how in international removals we have developed our department of RELOCATION SERVICES. In 2008 we became part of EURA (European Relocation Association), an association of the best relocation companies at a worldwide level.

This service is addressed to companies that want to translate their personnel by offering them a TRANSFER. With our service we facilitate to their department of Human Resources an aid for the management of the whole transfer in an easy, fast, comfortable and safe way. We offer several programs to help in the adapting process of their personnel in their new country. As an international removal company, we are experts at preparing the customs documentation in the country of origin and destination, and in planning an international removal. We have the best professionals in real estates, companies, management companies, customs agents, among others, as well as our international agents.

The services we offer are the following:

 • Personalized study of the needs of each client.

 • Management of immigration documents.

 • Reports on the city to be transferred.

 • Along with the client, three types of housing are chosen, where the client will have the final decision.

 • Integration of the family in the new city (schools, gyms…)

 • Services of general assistance (purchase of a car, leisure activities, etc.)

 • And of course, the door to door removal service, setting a schedule of delivering and collecting the furniture.

TRALLERO, with its service of RELOCATION, offers the best option in order to save time and money to your company.

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