Custody of documentation

Since the LOPD (Ley orgánica de protección de datos de carácter personal, 15/1999), by which the protection of personal data is mandatory, regulating the security and confidentiality of communications, the access to information, storage, purpose and destination of data, issuing sanctions, every day it is more usual to leave the documentation in professional hands.

TRALLERO INTERNATIONAL offers the service of:

 • Transfer of your documentation to our deposits.

 • Packing and unpacking of the documentation, preserving its order.

 • Custody of files.

 • Service of insertions or reinsertions (sending requested documentation electronically or physically).

 • Certified destruction of the requested documentation.

Maximum security, it counts on permanent surveillance 24 hours a day the 7 days of the week.

The conditions of the facilities are ideal, having at disposal advanced security systems, fire alarms and temperature and humidity controllers. They are specially designed for the safeguard of your documentation.

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