Internationals Removals: LACMA Convention 2017

Fine art removals: ARCO expo

Europa Square, new business area in Hospitalet de Llobregat- Barcelona

Storage with a Trusted Supplier

Storage in modern surroundings

Storage services have come a long way in recent years. Today, any storage company needs to take many considerations into account so that their customers feel happy to entrust them with their goods. This includes listening carefully to customers’ exact requirements, identifying the best packaging for each item, guaranteeing the security of property both in transit and in warehouses, and often foreseeing and resolving the problems involved in international removals.

A complete storage service

Trallero prides itself on not overlooking the slightest detail in any storage or removals service it undertakes. We are totally transparent in our customer relationships, informing clients about every aspect of what each storage or removals service involves. We provide comprehensive insurance from reputable insurance companies and place at our customers’ disposal 24/7 warehouse facilities and on-demand carpentry services to build customised containers as required. In international removals, we offer a door-to-door service worldwide.

Next generation storage

In spite of all the innovations around, traditional storage services are still in demand. However, removals firms must keep up-to-date in order to fulfil new customer requirements. Document storage is something that Trallero now offers as part of its cutting-edge office removals portfolio, which also includes expert treatment for the disconnection, removal and re-connection of IT systems in new premises.

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