Internationals Removals: LACMA Convention 2017

Fine art removals: ARCO expo

Europa Square, new business area in Hospitalet de Llobregat- Barcelona

Office Relocations Need Teamwork

Experts in office relocations

When a company decides to change premises, it needs to take every care to ensure that its business is unharmed by the move. Office relocations must therefore be handled with extreme precaution, and for this reason Trallero has a team of experts specialised in this area. These professionals ensure that everything is under control, from the simplest detail such as the removal of furniture to more complicated aspects such as the disconnection of IT systems and transporting sensitive company documentation.

IT systems play an important part in all office relocations

Whatever their nature, IT material is today an important factor in all office relocations. Any damage or delay in transporting IT equipment and systems can incur sustantial losses for a company. This is why Trallero has a team of IT specialists that are on hand throughout the removal, disconnecting IT and telecommunication systems at the point of origin but also installing and putting them back into operation in the new premises.

Special services for office relocations

Trallero also offers additional services for office relocations, such as the certified destruction of unwanted documentation and furniture, documentation storage and often vital warehousing capacity. This means that Trallero offers an unparalleled service, confidentiality and peace of mind to any company that is thinking of changing premises but which cannot assume the slightest risk.

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