Social Responsabilty Policy



MUDANZAS Y GUARDAMUEBLES TRALLERO, S.A. & Z&C RELOCATION S.L. agrees to apply the following requirements related to the Social

Responsibility policy:

  • Provide a healthy and safe workplace environment for the staff, including protection

against harassment and discrimination due to religion, sexual orientation and


  • Respect the human rights of our workers providing decent work conditions that support

their security and workplace health, and the human and professional development.

  • Comply with the legal and ethical standards; maintain an honest and professional

relationship with our clients, employees, vendors and suppliers through the

commitment we undertook with our QMS (Quality Management System ISO 9001).

  • Maintain our business ethics and the fight against bribery and corruption.
  • Respect the environment, avoid as much as possible any type of contamination

minimizing the production of waste and rationalizing the use of natural and energetic


  • Constantly handle and verify antitrust policies or any activity opposing competition

with special emphasis on a clean and fair competition. For example: agreements with

potential competitors that may prevent restrict or distort a clean competition and

exchange of sensitive information regarding prices or quantities (including sales,

market quotations, territory or suppliers.)

  • Rigorously enforce all laws, regulations, rules and practices, complying with all

legitimate contracts and acquired commitments.

  • Apply corrective actions that will guarantee the compliance with the minimum

applicable requirements.

  • Disclose the Social Responsibility policy to all our employees.

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