Environmental Policy

The board of directors of TRALLERO INTERNATIONAL are aware of the relevant influence of their business, companies, institutions, public and private administrations of the obligations to the community and the need to protect the environment towards a better world, and this is why they are committed and take every step to comply with Environmental Standards and Legislation as a business strategy.

Some of the steps of the Environmental Policy are inspired on two principals: Carry out all the environmental standards and Improvement of all activities to ensure that our business is carried out to protect the environment. Both principles ensure prevention, protection and preserve the environment.

Environmental Policy:

Steps that TRALLERO INTERNATIONAL takes to ensure minimal impact on the environment:

• Adopt all the necessary to prevent pollution and make sure all steps are made to reduce emissions

• Reduce waste by packing and wrapping materials are recycled where possible, the same for an efficient use of electricity, natural resources and energy.

• Employ measures to comply with Environmental standards and legislation applied to all our activities domestics and international.

• Make know the environmental policy within the employees, providers and all parties involved.

• Outline awareness to employees to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

• Establish steps to review and update our environmental policy as to apply corrective steps to ensure we do everything to protect the future environment.

• Update the environmental policy and the taken actions towards the environment.

The Management.

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